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The Matrix Reloaded (possibly spoiler in time...)

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    Originally posted by Natoma
    The point, hackajar, is that pyrophite took credit for my writings on The Matrix films. I don't care if people copy what I write, but at least give credit where it is due. Your opinion on the movies is rather irrelevant in this case. I'm not here to debate that with you.

    I had lost the links to the writings I posted. So I googled and this forum just so happened to show up along with Corona Productions and MatrixFans, which is where the actual text was written down.

    And yes, I posted this in a dead thread because either way, I want it public knowledge that this person is taking work and not giving due credit.

    What he meant to say was Waaa Waaa Waaa I'm a little cry baby and have nothing better to do with my time.

    I thought the original writing was drivel and crap, so I am glad I know pyrophite didnt write it. My opinion of him went down a lot at that point. But now I am happy again knowing that you were the fucktard who penned it.

    And make sure to complain about me too since I'm a meanie, poopy-head.

    Now get lost cunt-face.


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      I truly hope you are not the standard bearer for the quality and intelligence of the posters on this forum highwizard. If you are, then I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at pyrophite's actions.

      I've made my opinion publicly known since this case of plagiarism was very public, and that is all I came here to do.

      Please feel free to blast away if it makes you feel better about yourself however.


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        FUCKING HELL! This thread died a year ago. Let it rest!!!!
        the fresh princess of 1338

        What did I do to make you think I give a shit?