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A DIY Cruise Missile

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  • A DIY Cruise Missile

    came across this article on cnn this morning
    Building a backyard Cruise missile

    you can check out the guys site at cruisemissile

    A DIY Cruise Missile
    Watch me build one for under $5,000

    Some time ago I wrote an article in which I suggested that it would not be difficult for terrorists to build their own relatively sophisticated cruise missiles using off-the-shelf components and materials.
    Not surprisingly, that piece has produced a significant amount of feedback from the tens of thousands of people who have read it so far.

    Included in this feedback, I've received quite a number of emails from former and currently serving US military personnel who acknowledge that the threat is one they are very much aware of and for which there is little in the way of an effective defense available.

    However, there have also been a number of people who claim I'm overstating the case and that it's not possible to build a real cruise missile without access to sophisticated gear, specialist tools and information not readily available outside the military.

    So, in order to prove my case, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and build a cruise missile in my own garage, on a budget of just US$5,000.

    I like to think of this project as the military version of "Junkyard Wars".

    Obviously the goal of this website is not to provide terrorists or other nefarious types with the plans for a working cruise missile but to prove the point that nations need to be prepared for this type of sophisticated attack from within their own borders.

    A detailed level of documentation will be provided to those who qualify and are willing to pay a small subscription for full access to the project diary.

    Public Feedback
    Sicne this site was erected there has been some public discussion on the project. For that reason I've created an FAQ that I hope will answer some of the questions and concerns you might have.
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    Send this guy a free pass to Defcon.


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      Somehow I don't think the Alexis park would care for that demostration :)

      That would make an awesome followup show to Junkyard wars though... Extreme Junkyard Wars, where teams have to build ballistics and general warfare items to use against each other in mortal combat... the winner gettting a piece of scrap metal from their destructive path as their trophy. all in good fun of course
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        I dont know if this will really work as well as he claims. He will probably be able to create it but it might not fly far or not work to good. I could be wrong though and it could be really good.


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          Originally posted by encrypt31945
          I dont know if this will really work as well as he claims. He will probably be able to create it but it might not fly far or not work to good. I could be wrong though and it could be really good.
          As he says, it's for proof of concept. If he can get something to fly for a short distance on internal navigation (hell, even just a dumbfire) that can carry a small payload, on only $5000 he'll have made his point.

          If someone dumped in $10,000 I'm sure the results would be significantly better. Imagine $100,000
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            Hum...if everyone chipped in 20 bucks....


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              send me the money. i'll build it and you get 1 square inch of decal space for every 20$ you donate...
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                Originally posted by astcell
                Send this guy a free pass to Defcon.
                chances from the mention below he should be able to afford his own ticket!

                summary of each increment in the project's construction will be posted for public access, with the full details (and supporting text, CAD, MPEG and other files) only available to those who subscribe.

                The subscriptions raised by this website will be used to cover the costs associated with the project.

                I'm not taking subscriptions until I have the rest of this website up and running (so that people can get a good idea of what they'll be getting for their money) but if you'd like to be contacted at that stage, please use this form to contact me.