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  • CoWF Release - Warbabel

    The Church of WiFi (CoWF) presents the latest Warglue module [Warbabel].

    Warbabel is designed as a both a conceptual and practical piece. Conceptually it structures out a means of simplifying log I/O for various formats, allowing for easy implementation in other development projects. On the practical side, it makes an example of these format classes by performing log translation between them. At its initial release, warbabel fully supports all of the following log conversions:

    kismet [csv,xml,net] -> wiscan [std,sum,txt]
    kismet [csv,xml,net] -> kismet.gps
    kismet [csv,xml,net] -> kismet [csv,xml,net]
    wiscan [std,sum,txt] -> kismet [csv,xml,net]
    wiscan [std,sum,txt] -> kismet.gps
    wiscan [std,sum,txt] -> wiscan [std,sum,txt]
    kismet.gps -> wiscan [std,sum,txt]
    kismet.gps -> kismet [csv,xml,net]
    kismet.gps -> kismet.gps

    That's right; all these are available and functioning in this release of warbabel. THROW AWAY WARWIS! Also implemented in the format classes are some predefined filters for log reading. For example, filtering out 0.000000 GPS coords or ad-hoc/infrastructure records is as easy as setting the filters to true/false. The value in something like kismet.gps -> kismet.gps is that performing a conversion to the same file type will effectively perform the filter you that file while maintaining your original format; but can also perform all this while executing any of the listed translations. A GUI frontend is also available for those running this on win32 systems.

    Download it at:

    Did I mention to throw away warwis?

    ----- - CoWF
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