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  • Arakageeta
    i'll take you up

    i got no problems with the rules. I'd be bringing my own firearms but the Canadians are a bitch about clearing customs. I'm interested is you're good to go.

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  • highwizard
    Guest started a topic Space Availible

    Space Availible

    I have extra space in my room. Floor and Couch to be exact. I'm toying with the notion of allowing someone(s) to stay in my room. That being said there are a criteria ya need to meet.

    1) Can't be fearful of firearms. (Hey, I am in g3)

    2) Honest people only. If I find you trying to steal stuff I won't beat you up, I will just press charges.

    3) Be willing to sleep on the couch or floor, the beds are taken.

    4) I got room paid for, but if you want to throw in money for some beer, that is always appreciated.

    5) Be cool with gay people (ie: my boyfriend and I).
    a) If you think you will have the slightest problem with gay people, then I suggest you just close out this thread right now. If I even hear you drop the word fag in my presence I will kick you out of the room faster then you can say "WTF" (unless I know you and think your cool). But I am serious about this one.

    6) Be forwarned that I have a tendency to come in at all hours of the morning ie: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc...

    7) Be able to deal with smoking. I am a smoker, I got a smoking room. I will be smoking in my room.

    Further: I am driving in From Philadelphia (2433.17 miles) and should be arriving on Wed the 30th, I will be checking out on monday the 4th. I have no room to spare in my car as of now. If you are going to the con yourself and driving there and would like to caravan then drop me a line, I am driving 70 (for the most part) and coming home and alternate route.

    If you think you can deal with the above. Then choose one of these options to contact me A) Reply here B) Email me ( C) efnet (HighWiz)

    By the way, this is a serious post. - Not a joke
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