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    Hey kids...

    I'm not really in a pimping sort of mood, so I'll make this short and sweet. The Defcon Note Exchange will be up and running for con this year so anyone who's interested can share their notes on the talks they attend.

    Why would anyone want to share their notes you ask? By sharing notes, we allow people to not only pick up on something from a talk that they might have missed, but the Note Exchange also allows the discussion of talks as they happen. This opens up a wonderful real-time channel between the atendees and the speakers who choose to look in on the notes on their talks.

    Now I know we put up the Note Exchange for the first time last year, and even tho we recieved no coverage and only two people actually posting notes - months after the con was over I might add - we've still decided to up it again.

    So I implore you to go check it out and leave any notes you take at con in it so perhaps someone can take something away from the convention other than a hangover.