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    The meeting for the Las Vegas Linux Users Group will be on the saturday of Defcon this year, and I would like to welcome any of you to drop by. Below is some of the info about this months meeting (copied from

    Saturday August 2nd, 12:00 until 3:30 PM at Century 23 Computers
    4101 Meadows Lane across from the Meadows Mall

    Network infrastructure:

    Cat-5 connections and 802.11b wireless. IP's via DHCP on both.


    1) Chris Louden is doing a X windows install on Debian and a comparison of Debian package management with Redhat Package management systems. Ask him lots of questions...

    2) Heath Petty will demo a multi-headed Linux box and how he did it.

    3) I'm bringing a dual boot machine with Libranet 2.8 and Lindows 4.0 for all to play with. Feel free to use it at the meeting!

    Please practice your presentation prior to the meeting.

    Perhaps if we get some people from Defcon they will tell tell us what is interesting there???


    We have Ice thanks to Jerry Cochran but lack a volunteer to order/bring pizza. I guess we could order it at the meeting and have it delivered. By the time it is delivered we may have the money for it.

    Does someone have a LARGE plastic or glass jar for money collection? If so, can we keep it at C23? We would appreciate a couple of bucks from everyone to buy pizza and Ice. (Geez I hate begging for money but someone has to do it)
    Hope to see some of you there!
    Virtutis gloria merces

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    You really think anyone is going to give up valuable DefCon time to go to a LUG? Hell by noon most will be too drunk to drive.


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      How do you know I dont work for metro and we are setting up a drunk driving checkpoint outside of the mall? Hmm???

      Well, im not, and I was just letting people know.
      Virtutis gloria merces


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        I think Redhook means by noon...

        “Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.”