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    imangine this " the B&W Prom"
    I gotta have it for next year it is such a great idea ,
    ( seeing as my prom sucked donkey balls through a staw )
    we could have a a drawing for king and queen of the b&w
    based on attire . hmm what else ?

    the only question in life is , Why?


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      I have played your CD every day sine I got home! I hope you have more music. You rock! Can you come to CA and play at our next Coon Con Party? (see other links)


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        Originally posted by teklord
        Was excellent from what i saw, there was more people dancing this year then ever, excellent line-up, of course corruptdata was one of the best bands there this year. We can't forget MiniBosses =) (which i didn't get to see this year unfortuantely, but I will hopfully get to see next year) All in all I had fun this con :).

        - teklord
        Thanks teklord, glad you enjoyed it. We couldn't have done it without the great sound system and light show provided by bink and the gang.
        I'm sure you know exactly what I mean,
        When I say it's a shpadoinkle day.