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Best thing you saw at DC?

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    Gotta go with the multiple trips to quarks bar at the hilton.

    For those not in the know, I suggest asking for greg next year. You cant miss him. He's the "Im really gay" brian boytano look-a-like waiter.

    Our first interaction with Greg was when Chris and hizzle were smoking in the cancer free section. Hiwizzard responds to the request to put out with the following: "Its ok, im gay" and continued sucking on his cigerette.

    There are sooo many quotes that belong in the annals from those encounters. Ill probably miss/fuck up most of them, but what the hell....

    Things said around the table:

    Greg: what can i get for you (Hiwiz): your phone number (Greg): I dont think my wife would like that. (Hiwiz): Its ok, she can watch, or join in

    (Hiwiz to greg): If I order a salad, would you toss it for me?

    (Klingon to Ck3k): ck3k, what does this mean? (ck to klingon): its my handle. (klingon to ck): live in cyberspace.....we have an old klingon says "get a life"

    Other highlights was me being mistaken for hizzle's fem bitch by a bunch of sisters at the bar; OP being mistaken as a fag hag; Hiwizzard trying to "assimilate" the borg into his collective; offending the tables around us enough to make them leave.....

    So many memories. Those involved feel free to fill in the details I missed.
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      haha here said waiter..
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        one of my faves i took at quark's...
        suck it down hizzle at the same time chris gives his signature flip
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          converge and ck3k saluting
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            Originally posted by blackwave
            haha here said waiter..
            That guy was a total cockbag.
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              One of the best things I saw was a bunch of half finished Warp Core Breach's when I arrived late at Quarks.

              MMMM, Free Booze :)
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                What is a hizzle?
                DJ Jackalope
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                send in the drop bears!


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                  Originally posted by DJ Jackalope
                  What is a hizzle?
                  ah yes, thanks to the d-o-double g in the LBC... hizzle is short for hizzle wizzle, which is short for highwizard :) ... I think it started somewhere on IRC around 8 months ago or so.


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                    The Hizzle
                    special K....

                    gangster adaptations of hax0r names? now we're gettin retarded....
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                      Snoop Dogg - The Shizzolator
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                        Originally posted by Jigsaw
                        Seeing a naked man get on stage and hug Grifter, then decided to jog around the room. However, it made my day:D
                        Yeah... Me and one other guy were shouting "Down In Front!" Interpret that however you want.


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                          I would say seeing Mike Hell (founder of Kontrol Faktory) passed out drunk in our hotel room's couch. I know most of you won't know who the fuck I'm talking about... But for the 1 or 2 that do - what a trip!
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