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Defcon Robot Wars?

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    Chassis info

    Found this web page by a T-4 paraplegic that is building a wheelchair/robot. Lots of good pictures and annectodal information on building a robust platform. Enjoy!


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      sony eyetoy or toysight?

      I'm not a gamer, console or otherwise, but I saw the sony EyeToy in an magazine and with a little googling I found SightToy for Macs. Its sorta of a HID via webcam.

      As a peripheral, I think its just a webcam. What's interesting is that the software has implemented realtime or just real fast edge detection frame-by-frame.

      Trolling through source forge turned up nothing specific other than the usual computer/robot vision stuff (a bunch of it for mindstorms). I gues this thing is too new for any published hacks.

      Does anyone have one of these things or played with them?


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        I would love to see something like this happen, one preference i can think of that i would like to see:

        * Control via PocketPC device via Wifi or IrDA. This way perhaps the robots logic will not have to be all onboard but can be on the remote side. As a fail-over there can be a robot-side logic that can take over in case of connection interruption.
        I think this would be the best route for a higher-class robot, of course user milage will vary. I think this would make it easier on the side of the programming as well, one could fesibly use and programming language or a mixture of them. dotNET seems to be getting pretty functional.

        Just throwing around my idea's, hope it spawns more of them and better ones.
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          Originally posted by murakami

          Does anyone have one of these things or played with them?
          We have as part of a purchase order three of these on order for the shop. So at some point, I'll be playing with one.

          I believe they work muc in teh same way as a light gun, sampling X frames/sec, compairing frame and reletive positions of you in relation to the super-imposed images on screen.

          We'll see.

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            Just to bump the thread and give the folks who didn't qualify for the DARPA competition an alternative event, I present:

            The International Robot Racing Federation



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              Any ideas on what the final word on the rules for the robot wars will be? I would like to know so I can start working on the bot. I know there is alot of talk about it but anything set in stone?
              Just wondering.. I probily missed something.

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