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What the hell is wrong with Canadians?

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  • What the hell is wrong with Canadians?

    Could someone please tell me what exactly is wrong with Canadian journalists? Perhaps "Brad Renderman" could be of assistance.

    For those who aren't aware, not only did Pete Shipley "the original wardriver" not have these maps mailed to him, he wasn't even AT DefCon this unless they held another DefCon at his house in SF, I find it highly unlikely that this reporter has any semblance of a clue.
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    Link pulled already?


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      the link is busted


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        No, I don't think the actual "..." is supposed to be part of the link.


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          Sorry...I C/P'd my post from the NS forums and jacked the link. It is fixed now.
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            Ah. Thar we go.


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              This reporter is a perfect example of the populace. If you can't even get a NAME right, how do we expect you to secure your wireless network?


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                How the fuck did they manage to pull this out of their asses? UGH!
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                  So I was talking to Desirae, one of the cooler girls at the con.

                  I must warn you, Desi is *gasp* Canadian.

                  I mention Ramen Noodles.

                  "Ramen? Oh! Yeah! Well, we don't call them Ramen Noodles."

                  "Oh? What do you call them?"

                  "Mister Noodle."

                  *giggles* "What?"

                  "Why do all Americans laugh when I say Mister Noodle! Mister Noodle! Mister Noodle! Is it that funny!"

                  "huhuhu yup"



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                    It's true, Mister Noodle is funny.
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                      Re: What the hell is wrong with Canadians?

                      Originally posted by Chris
                      Pete Shipley..., he wasn't even AT DefCon this year
                      Maybe not, but a very scary picture of him made it into Hacker Jeapordy! Maybe there was subliminal text in the picture discussing the WWWD results. ;)


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                        That was Peter Shipley in the photo, I would have guessed Howard Stern. :>


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                          Oh that shit.

                          Sadly I contributed to it. Not one of my best moments I'll admit.

                          The Shipley thing came around because the reporter asked about the orgins of wardriving and I gave him the history. Some how he interpreted that Shipley had something to so with the Wardriving stuff at the con this year. He also fucked up my name royally.

                          I already told him off and that the National Post is NOT to call me in future. Asses. You'd think they'd take the 5 seconds to check the schedual or maybe phone back to check. I'm understanding more and more why Chris just automatically tells them to fuck off.

                          It gets better; check this one out
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                            Originally posted by renderman

                            It gets better; check this one out
                            Just what we need. Idiots convincing the press that wardrivers wardrive in order to find networks to break into. Anyone in Canada wanna go bitch-slap that guy for me?

                            Advice to anyone else doing interviews for the press: having your full name printed with information admitting specific details of how you committed computer crimes is not a good idea.


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                              Ill poke some fun too:

                              Hackers dont send in maps, we send data..if we even send it at all.

                              He repeatedly used the term "Wireless modem" when in reality, wireless signals are not modulated and demodulated, the correct term is Wireless radio. The sad thing is, he used wireless modem incorrectly in a second way, he is actually talking about AP's

                              In the same paragraph, he mentions that "A $79 modem can defeat a $1-million firewall". Hot damn! thats the most expensive firewall I have ever heard of!

                              "Antennas, available through stores such as Radio Shack, can extend the range of a wireless laptop to as much as three kilometres". I dont know about you guys, but my local radio shack has never heard of 802.11*, and has never sold 2.4ghz antennas. They dont even sell N connectors anymore, and wont let me order them!!! Hehe, the WiFi-shootout kicked the shit out of 3 kilos.

                              "Wireless LANs can extend anywhere from 100 to 600 metres," Mr. Tanguay says. "While there is equipment that can effectively create a signal curtain around a building, it is not widely used. For most people and companies, having a wireless LAN is like sticking a telephone jack on the outside wall of the building. Anyone can plug in."
                              Fifty bucks says the reporter has no idea what a LAN is. I guess he doesnt understnd the concept of physical security. I can get onto most ethernets w/o even being questioned by the staff of a mid-large size company.
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