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ATI 7500 graphics card question

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  • ATI 7500 graphics card question

    I just bought a new graphics card to replace my crappy one. I wanted to find one that would work with my linux os to, but I misread the linux driver page. It seems they have a driver for the ATI9500 but not the ATI7500 PCI.

    So my question is, does anyone know a OS that supports ATI7500 graphic cards or am I just stuck with this stupid chipset ugh.


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    here is the captain "obvious answer"

    here are a few reviews of the card:

    Supported Operating Systems
    Windows 98/98SE
    Windows Me
    Windows 2000
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows XP
    and in case you got yours on Ebay without a manual here is the link to the pdf:

    If you are looking for a non-Windows (unsupported) Driver

    try and check out the hardware section of

    also you can use the vg how-to:
    Card Name Chipset XFree86 XFree86 4.x driver
    ATI Radeon 7500 RV200 radeon
    and some sites that will be handy:


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      Yes, but for some dumb reason it wont show the site for me. That's why I asked.

      Maybe you can post the answer to the question instead of a link. Obviously.



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        Sorry if I came off rude just was pissed. Ill tell you a story on why. yay!

        Im another Computer Science major and I had a project to build a program from a programming lang we havn't studied already. I chose DELPHI! Being im working with it already.. So everyone was building gay FTP programs, calcs, prob calendars and whatnot. I decided to go all out and try to make a FIREWALL OooOOoo. I wanted this to be the ELITE scriptkiddie firewall of choice for all little brats. So like I added in security for the firewall. It was password protected so noone could reset the settings. Along with that, it blocked out all sites/addys that wasn't on the list. Well defcon and some others was on the list. So that means i can only see those sites. I rebooted my pc and what do you know.. I guess the var for the password reset it self, didn't save correctly and I was screwed. I couldn't uninstall it being I set it not to unless you have the password YAY!.

        So there is my gay story on why I couldn't see any sites but this site and a few. All is well now, got around it and working on my stupid bug that is already pissing me off. :(

        Thanks for the help though, your my new hero!

        -Famine, has no hair!