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Proxim Orinoco Wireless Card

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    Proxim B/G Cards

    Here's a good indicator that at least 1 model does have the antenna jacks.

    A local kid here just bought one of those B/G cards with the specific intention to use it for wardriving.

    I Informed him that he made a mistake, as I was almost positive that the new orinoco cards did not have antenna connectors.

    Much to my / his surprise the card DOES have an antenna jack.
    (or at least 1 model of it does)



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      can anyone get exact numbers for this card?, cause I want to look into purchasing it just to kinda say see how it works.
      I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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        Originally posted by Astral
        ok first of all, i OWN the proxim orinoco b/g gold card. IT STILL HAS THE ANTENNA JACK. here is the problem with this great card. They changed the connector port to another proprietary type. They sell the new one from
        I found this out the hard way after i baught my card ($84) and then a pigtail for orinoco. well it arrived, and it seemed a little tough to pop on, but it did. now i cannot ever pull it off or i will rip out the internals to the card and the antenna connector. i called proxim to bitch, they could do nother nor does the 3 year warrenty cover this. they did send instructions for how to disassemble the card and remove the antenna conecter manually thus voiding all warrenties implied with the card period. so i sadi fuck you, ill just leave it plugged in permanently.
        im using it in conjuction with a 5dB gain omni-directional antenna that magmounts to the car. this thing has EXCELLENT range, and im looking into buying a bi=directional 800mW amp for it. increasing over all gains to around TX=17dB and RX=15dB

        but yea,. the proxim has the connecter

        DUDE, answer your freakin PM's. I need to know which antenna I need to buy that wont be permantly attached to my card. you said they had a new antenna with a new plug.. but the website doesnt say anything about it.

        Link or model number please?