The site is at and will be evolving over the next few weeks. Our topic this month is Locking Devices. If you have locks, picks or knowledge (or just a thirst to learn), please bring it! Better yet, drop an email on the site
to let us know what you have to share.


DC503 is an active, hands-on learning group with a primary focus of
hardware and ALL aspects of security. Along with the normal updates on
software security exploits, we also encourage/seek knowledge of locks,
social engineering, underground exploration, hardware mods, funky hardware
creations, and anything related to these topics. Learning will take an
active form, involving all members in classes, projects, presentations,
field trips, open forums, or similar format. Outside of monthly meetings,
members are encouraged to gather for preparation of the next meeting,
working on joint projects, simply hanging out as a group, or participating
in other existing groups to further their technical knowledge (freegeek,
PTP, PLUG, 2600, etc) DC503 attendance is freely open to all those
interested in learning and sharing knowledge in these and related
technical areas.

When and Where:

The first meeting will be held on September 27th, 2003 from 1:00pm -
3:00pm. The meeting will be held at:

Urban Grind Coffee
2214 NE Oregon St.
Portland, OR 97232