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    anyone one that voted for arnie is an idiot!
    as a rebuplican myself there is no way in hell i would have voted for him if he was the only republican running.
    i would rather dig my eye balls out with a spoon then vote for him, the guy is an idiot.

    as for the NA lets say no tax=restitution.
    "so many books, so little time"


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      I'd rather dig my eyeballs out with a spoon than vote for Bustamecha!


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        Originally posted by 0versight
        everyone fell for it like the sheep they are. i guess the media is great at advertising such false information about the Mecha. McGlintcrap comparing it to the KKK, please But hey, its your vote :D
        Actually I did research. "For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing." No thank you, I will pass on racism!


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          at least i feel safe knowing he cant be prez! i just hope he dosnt f#$k things up to much. then again hes not davis so i bet he wont.
          "bY tHe eNd oF tHe dAy tHeRe iS aLwAyS sOmOnE lOst!"