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Thanksgiving in Yosemite

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  • Thanksgiving in Yosemite

    thought id put this here since it has nothing to do with computers and before a mod drops it here :)
    ok since we have such a cool diverse group here i thought id ask if anyone has been to yosemite durning or around this time of year. the gf and i will be heading up there and im just trying to get a feel of what to expect concerning weather and amount of people at this time. as well as what sites people recommend to see or what to avoid. we will be up there for 2 full days friday\saturday.
    at this time i have on our list will be a hike through the mariposa grove of redwoods at dusk on thrusday. hikes we are looking at for fri\sat are four mile trail to glacier point, the yosemite falls trial and glen aulin in tuolumne meadows.

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    Its getting to be snow time in the high country, so if you go, be prepared for anything. I've spent some time up in that area (but not actually in yosemite, but right next to it where you can still hunt and fish), it gets cold and bitter real quick. Personaly, I would have gone 2 months ago (or last month for deer season). As far as people go, this time of year should be fairly dead. The 'tourist' season is over. As with any trek out into the great outdoors this time of year, pay close attention to the weather channel, or if you have one that can do it, tune a radio to NOAA. Dress warm and dont forget the '10 essentials'.

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      thanks for the info noid!
      i been reading up on it and watching the weather in the area, as for the '10 essentials' ill looking them up. since the times i have gone in to the great outdoors i didnt really worry about it :) god being young and ignorant is bliss, lol.
      thnaks again noid.

      ok found them, missed only the duct tape.
      "so many books, so little time"