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  • RedHat 8.0 default firewall


    I'm new here and i want to say that i don't speak english so good because i come from Slovenia.

    So here's the problem:

    I've installed rh8.0 on my computer and DCC (irc) don't work because i have choosen deafult firewall to be normal. I think that this default firewall is blocking DCC. Where could i turn it off? (please tell command because i don't have graphic interface)

    P.S. i have some other firewall on rc.firewall if that means something to you.
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    try `/sbin/iptables --flush` first to try and flush any rules that may currently be in effect (in the filter table. you may need to flush rules from other tables as well such as nat). it's been a while since i've used iptables so that may not be exactly correct. that should solve your problem though..... at least temporarily. to keep it from loading those rules you can remove or rename the script that holds them, keep the module from loading at boot (if it was built as a loadable kernel module), create an rc script to flush the rules after you boot, add a rule to both the input and output chains to allow traffic for a certain port(s), etc. any one of those suggestions should solve your problem. but first try to flush the rules and then if you want to take a more permanent route you can.