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    Originally posted by ck3k
    ....first computer that I had ran only dos, dont remember how much hdd space it had.
    You started with DOS, not CPM? Nice. Real nice. Spoiled brat!


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      I gotta agree with the general thread of the convo.

      I got 6 - Maxtor 80 gig's raid 5 /w hot spare and haven't had a failure so far. (except when I yanked a drive cable when it was live) and it rebuilded fine anyway.

      At work we've had tons of Hitachi and IBM Deathstars.. oh pardon me Travelstars fail. Of course, the general users don't back anything up.. but that's a rant for another time.

      I used 2 - 40 gig WD /w 8 meg cache for a year or so and never had any problems with them. One's currently moved to my webserver for it's 2nd term of duty. If you're going to get a WD I'd suggest the ones with the 8 meg cache since they have the longer warranty and better performance numbers.

      Just my two bits..

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        So you guys wouldn't recommend a Maxtor either? My current HDD is the 80 gig Maxtor that came with my computer and hasn't failed me yet, I've had it for a little over a year. I was thinking about maybe getting this Maxtor 120 gig that's on sale for $60. It's too great a deal to pass up...not that I have any money or anything. With the way prices are plummeting they'll be giving away terabyte HDDs in no time.


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          Hard drives are an inherently unreliable technology. That's the real problem.

          As far as IDE drive manufacturers go, Maxtor, Western Digital, and Seagate are all pretty decent. The OEMs nowadays seem to be embracing Western Digital for the most part.

          Stay far, far away from IBM and Hitachi...
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          45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B1
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            Hmmm I was just eyeing a 4GB Microdrive from Hitachi....


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              I Know it's a WD drive, and only 74GB but according to this review:


              The WD Raptor (WD740GD) has a 5-year warranty.
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                inherently unreliable technology

                I completely agree with what Bascule says about hard drives being unreliable technology. What you really need is some way to offset the risk of having a fatal drive crash and losing your data. Who really wants to download all that pron again anyway?

                I have a 6 x 80 gig maxtor array setup with RAID 5 and a hot swap spare. It gets me about 280 gigs. I use a 250 gig portable hard drive as my backup medium. (Currently I only have 80 gig of data)

                That's a little rich for most people but even just having a duplicate drive that you automate backups to could save you a headache in the future. Backups freaks will go on and on about data history, corruption and revision history but really this could be a decent first step. It doesn't matter what drive you have, after it crashes you better have backups.

                Something/Other: I think what we've been saying is Maxtor is pretty good. I have six and none have failed.

                In the battle between good and evil, evil has more fun.


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                  Originally posted by panthera
                  It doesn't matter what drive you have, after it crashes you better have backups.


                  It's all about the tape backup.


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                    Originally posted by highwizard
                    It's all about the tape backup.

                    Unless your like some of my co-workers who think backing up a computer means putting a disk in the drive and loading everything that they can on it.

                    (The sad thing about my post is that all of my co-workers are in the IT department, they just aren't real IT people).
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                      Just saw 200 gb Seagate Barracudas for $100. An ATA terrabyte RAID5 could be built for around $1K. That's incredible.


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                        Originally posted by astcell
                        I know, make you wanna punch his lights out. My first PC had two 5.25" drives and no HD, then I spent $1,500 on a 286-12 PC with 30MB of HD's so nice to not have to go through this today!
                        I can relate, gone are the times of the legacy equipment that rocked for its time, but now sucks unless it has sentimental value - one reason I have kept my 300 baud acoustic modem and original 20mhz laptop with 112mb HD(formatted) - still has ToneLoc and other various things installed that no longer have a use today.



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                          Originally posted by Qu|rk
                          still has ToneLoc and other various things installed that no longer have a use today.
                          Out of curiosity, why is ToneLoc useless?


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                            Originally posted by skroo
                            Out of curiosity, why is ToneLoc useless?
                            I didnt exactly type what I wanted to convey, I tend to do that from time to time. I meant that for some things there are other tools I'd rather use, unless one were so inclined and decided to browse the realms of the PBX, that was the best feature of ToneLoc I feel, the ability to guess 4 digit codes. If I were to use a tool of the sort, I'd use something like THC-Scan or Phonesweep for all others but PBX. Any of the 3 work well on all cept PBXs protected by ACE/Server that uses a challenge response system which requires the use of a token(for those not familiar). That gets us into carrier exploitation techniques, and something I wont publically discuss in any form in forum or any other insecure means of communication.



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                              160GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 or the 74GB Western Raptor Serial ATA

                              What a weird tossup.

                              I can't believe this isn't an obivious decision. What are the advantages to the 74GB drive?

                              I hope you know seagate has a SATA version of the barracuda for like $2 more.