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    There is a lot of bad financial software out there but the new live online version of the PeopleSoft Billing and Accounts Receivable has got to be the worst.

    Can anyone recommend a better software program?

    I use to love PeopleSoft, but now I think I'm going to go nuts. Here's why I would not recommend the Online version of PeopleSoft and why I want to find a better software program.

    1. If the internet is down so is the program.
    2. Tech support is s***.
    3. I have to use Mircosoft SQL Server
    4. Navigation through the panels is hard.
    5. Recurring processing is almost void
    6. Printing IGA's is hell, because you have to remember all the codes
    7. Again, if the internet is down so is the program.


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    Have you tried Ariba software? I did an internship with them my freshman and sophmore year of college developing Marketplace, their E-Commerce software, I was quite impressed by the quality of the software they develop.