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thebroken ep3(now with Mitnick)

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  • jesse
    did they mod the xbox with the software hack or with a modchip? Because any retarded monkey can do a mod chip.

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  • astcell
    At this rate good ol' Kevin will soon be pushing Athlon computers on the Shop-At-Home channel.

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  • something/other
    Meh, they're entertaining enough. Not terribly informative, but how much can you expect from a 20 minute video? I guess they could've done better, but if you really want to learn anything, just read.
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  • ck3k
    I figured I would watch it and see what becomes of it...

    interesting point....
    durring the kevin mitnick interview he is wearing his defcon leather jacket, good press i guess.

    the rest of it is somewhat...umm not my thing

    the console modding is a cool thing, but I have my douts as to those guys acually doing every single one of those solder points on the ps2, that stuff is so tiny.

    the lighting the laptop on fire, not exacly the safest thing to do, if you watch near the end all they had was a hose and two little buckets of water to put that out.

    well, that sums it up half of it was a poorly shot mitnick interview...the rest was sorta filler level stuff, the SAM file hacking was boarderline ok, but this constant knoppix use is starting to get at me, it seems to be the focal point of everything they do on the show.

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  • Lurker
    Logic dictates that if you dislike something, you don't have anything to do with it. If you don't like the police, you don't go to police stations. If you don't like TheBroken, don't go to

    I'm not sticking up for them. I'm just saying that it's kind of pointless to waste your time on something you don't like. Why not do something constructive, like write a monthly eBook which blows thebroken away? I'd read it. :D

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  • Joey2cool
    started a topic thebroken ep3(now with Mitnick)

    thebroken ep3(now with Mitnick)

    I just finished watching thebroken episode 3 and its the same old crap. Summary :
    • Cracking SAM files/using ntpasswd(3 minutes)
    • Laptop destroyed by thermite(3 minutes)
    • Modding Xbox, PS2, Gamecube(6 minutes)
    • Kevin Mitnick Interview(14 minutes)

    1. Supposedly "Hackers" can break into your house when your gone, slip knoppix STD into your windows box and run ntpasswd, or copy the SAM file to a USB key. You can thwart this by setting a bios password, but then the potential "hacker" can open the case and take out the battery, but they mentioned that they might as well take the harddrive.
    What they didn't mention is that the "hacker" could take the whole computer(if you broke into a house, why not?). They = "hackers" = thieves/crackers.

    2. They exploited this middle eastern guy to do a segment on burning a laptop with thermite. That'll burn a hole in your pants!

    3. Kevin rose and his sidekick dan modded an xbox,ps2 and gamecube to accept backed up games. They also mentioned "don't go to some rental place like... oh we really shouldn't name them"

    4. Kevin mitnick's interview seemed pretty candid. TechTV did a segment on his 1st year of freedom the same day Kevin Rose interviewed him. He mentioned how he started with phreaking, and then moved on to stealing dead infants' identities. The latter part of the interview was about how life was like in prison. He said he had to fight a couple times when his belongings were stolen from him so he wouldn't be labeled as a mark/biatch.

    In case anyone has forgotten, here's from their FAQ :
    What is thebroken?
    thebroken is a hacking videozine

    Are you guys really hackers?
    no, we are not hackers. and we don't claim to be leet. we keep our ear to the underground and report on the tools and methods in use today.
    thebroken's website | download episode 3

    From the people who brought you wardrive+connect and WEP cracking for dummies in Episode 1

    EDIT: I noticed they also sell their t-shirts through jinx now...
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