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Intel vs AMD! Who wins?

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  • Intel vs AMD! Who wins?

    I had posted this up before on some other forums some of you attend. But figured I post it here being the topics are slow. I come here day in and day out and it's just getting somewhat sluggish like always this time of the season. Besides that, seems I havn't got banned yet. So might as well try a full post haha.

    This is out of an special edition issue of "CPU" labeled "PC Modder Special". I took the 20 page information and shorten it up a bit for everyone to check out. This is testing/research from AMD to INTEL. Obviously being tested to see which one runs faster and whatnot. Kinda a big long question on what is better stock and out the box. If anyone needs specs on a certain motherboard/proc then send me a message and ill give ya the info on what it was tested as and the comments given about it. So here it goes.

    The PCMark Stats - Here we see benchmark scores for each processor at
    its default speed and its maximum overclocked speed.

    Default CPU Score:
    Intel - 7776
    AMD - 7146

    Overclocked CPU Score:
    Intel - 8748
    AMD - 7692

    Default Memory Score:
    Intel - 13717
    AMD - 10593

    Overclocked Memory Score:
    Intel - 14768
    AMD - 10731

    Default HDD Score:
    Intel - 1165
    AMD - 1108

    Overclocked HDD Score:
    Intel - 1150
    AMD - 1046

    Now that was everything tested from AMD XP 2100-3200 combos and Intel
    2.4-3.2 combos.

    Processor Closeups (Pent 4 Extream Edition vs Athlon 64 FX-51)

    Intel Closeups:
    Socket - 478
    Fabication Tech - 0.13-micron
    Transistors - 178 million
    Clock Speed - 3.2GHz
    L1 Cache - 128KB
    L2 Cache - 512KB
    L3 Cache - 2MB
    Frontside Bus - 80MHz
    64-bit Support - NO
    32-bit Support - YES

    Athlon 64bit FX-51 Closeups:
    Socket - 940
    Fabication Tech - 0.13-micron
    Transistors - 105.9 million
    Clock Speed - 2.2GHz
    L1 Cache - 128KB
    L2 Cache - 1024KB
    L3 Cache - N/A
    Frontside Bus - 400MHz
    64-bit Support - YES
    32-bit Support - YES

    3DMark Dominance - When it comes to 3DMark, the AMD 64 seems
    unstoppable. Below you can see how it stack up to Intel's 3.2GHz Pent
    4 Extream

    Default 3DMark2001 Score:
    Intel - 17539
    AMD - 20559

    Intel 18516
    AMD - 21038

    The numbers make it a tough race to call. Clearly, Intel's P4 Extream
    Edition is the winner when it comes to PCMark2002 performance. The
    Extream edition started off with 7776 CPU score that was 84 points
    higher than Athlon 64 FX-51's fastest CPU speed. Memory scores were
    also much higher on the GA-8KNXP motherboard we used for the Extreme
    edition. The 13717 base Memory score for the Extream Edition is 2986
    points higher than the fastest Memory score posted by Athlon 64 FX-
    51. At times, the Extreme Edition also posted some impressive HDD
    scores. The 2481 HDD score we saw when overclocking the Extreme
    Edition to 3.42GHz was an OUTSTANDING HDD score. PCMark2002, however,
    does seem to enjoy raw processing power, and in terms of clock speed,
    Intel's P4 Extreme Edition has a DEFINITE LEAD over AMD's Athlon 64
    FX-51'. So we shouldn't be too suprized to see the P4 Extreme
    Edition's higher CPU scores. Although the Extreme Edition i sthe
    clear winner in PCMark2002, the FX-51 is clearly the winner in
    3DMark. At its best, the FX-51 managed a 21086 3DMark score that was
    2570 points higher than the best 3DMark the Extreme Edition could
    muster. These number suggest that GAMES will get a bit more
    performance from the FX-51 than it will from Intel's 3.2GHz Pentium 4
    Extreme Edition.

    Can a system's applaction performance exceed the sum of its hardware
    performance? We tend to give the Athlon 64 FX-51 the nod over Intel's
    Pentium 4 Extreme Edition. Whether the FX-51 will continue to see
    such a nice lead when Intel's Prescott chips begin shipping in early
    2004 remains to be seen. -CPU

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