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yahoo password - need help!!!

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  • skroo
    Originally posted by hackmacky
    I'd be very, very thankful for any hint!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's one: if you check prior posts to see what happened to every other dipshit who made a similar request in the past, it might save you from being banned.

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  • hackmacky
    started a topic yahoo password - need help!!!

    yahoo password - need help!!!

    Hey guys!!!
    I'm new in this forum and no kin hacker at all. But searching a PASSWORD for a special YAHOO-account kept me busy the last days and drove me to dispair
    None of my mails to a "staff-server" in order to hack this password was blessed with success.
    Is at least somebody in this forum who could give me some hints how to hack a yahoo-password successfully?!?
    Then post or write to (allowed to be a new victim ;) )

    I'd be very, very thankful for any hint!!!!!!!!!!!