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    Thankyour for your time in advance, I am running Zonealarm basic on my newly installed windows 2000 box (instilling suse soon). And I updated security quickly as I could to make sure that im not connected to the web for long unprotected. But I guess it was too long. I ran adaware and found 15 spyware and other stuff. Then the problem arises; zonelarm now asks to let ginst_001_1234_4201.exe ; naturaly I looked to find the file. I couldn't find it anywhere and search turned up nothing. I reset the computer and it keeps asking for clearence but I keep denying it. Then when I deny it I can't get internet. Anyway to tie this whole thing up I searched the web and couldnt' find anything that matched the exe. Yes I GOOGLED IT :) Any help is greatly appreciated. On a side note this hard drive is kinda old and has had many beatings of being rewriten over completly many times. Is it possible my hd is corrupting files?

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    15 spyware items can be had in as little as three websites. If you went to msn, google and, that explains it!

    Zone alarm will ask you about every single file you open for a while. That is why I hate it.


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      When you searched on google... did you do like the U.S. did when searching for weapons of mass destruction and happen to "overlook" them or just not look at all? I found it by searching for the exact filename, as you posted... it's a trickler component...

      Solution: <-- Download and install spybot search and destroy.. before you run it, get all the updates, then let it do a full scan, after it finishes, let it clean what it found, and reboot. After you reboot, rescan - if any return, re-run it in safe mode and repeat the process...Then go to with your current antivirus solution disabled(so they wont file fight and GPF) and get a scan through housecall - make sure you let it autofix what it can, and then reboot again, rescan to verify and you should be virus/spyware/adware-free