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  • Join the Intra-State Reno Caravan

    Following last night's Reno LUG meeting, I am pleased to announce the very first Intra-State Reno DefCon Caravan.

    If you have never driven the great, quite roads from Reno to Las Vegas, you won't want to miss joining us. If you have driven this route, then you known that the trip goes from the High Desert of the Truckee Meadows, slowly down to the Low Desert of Clark County.

    The Sierras to the West and Area 51 on the East side frames our drive. When we drive by Walker Lake you won’t believe your eyes. Then we go through the Kingdom of Nye (yes Art Bell’s Kingdom of Nye) on our way to the Con.

    Be sure to bring an FRS radio (that's how we'll keep in touch during the trip). And, don't forget your radar detectors. If you have a pirate radio transmitter, please bring it. Bring plenty of water.

    If your vehicle is a beater, it’s best to leave it at home, since a break down could leave you, literally in the middle of nowhere. You can leave a beater in Reno, or grab a cheap flight to the airport, and we'll have someone pick you up. Car rentals are cheap and plentiful in Reno. Or post here looking to share the ride from Reno.

    More details will be posted below, but if you are coming from points North (like Oregon, Wash, Idaho, Utah) or points East (like Colorado), or points West (Sacramento area) just point your wheels to Reno, or meet us along the way. We will make the route friendly for you, and let us know by sending mail to me: .

    Finally, by joining us, you'll be part of history - The first Intra-Nevada DefCon Caravan of the 21st Century.