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    Originally posted by ploit-mudh0ney
    Do you just leave the machine on the network the whole time you are there?

    I guess the concept of threads that haven't been posted to in weeks eludes you?

    Learn to read the Dates, bucko.


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      In my experience, if you want to make a lot of friends, go hang out by the door to the NOC and keep asking for Priest. Then, when he comes out, follow him around telling him how cool you think he is and how you are going to buy a Hawaiian shirt just like his as soon as you get home.

      It's a win win situation. People will see you hanging out with Priest and think you are the bizzomb and at the same time Priest will love having someone to talk to because if there's on thing everyone that's been to DefCon before knows it's that Priest loves hanging out with first time Con-goers.

      Bad idea. When my arse is kissed I reach first for my wallet to make sure it's still thre then look to see just what the hell the person wants (else why is (s)/he kissing my arse.
      Lving my life in the gutter so you don't have to.