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    Originally posted by astcell
    That was another incident. The Arab dude was on the Presiden't security detail and he pitched such a hissy fit at his treatment that the pilot did not want him on the plane.

    The one I recall, the dude was cool with the search, he just thought it was a waste of time. I mean think about it. Would you not expect Secret Service training to slightly exceed TSA training? The guy could have snuck a bazooka by TSA had he wanted to, I am sure he'd had such training.

    Actually the person who worked for the whitehouse didn't have any fits. It was the pilot, on his own decision, that decided he wouldn't fly with the individual on the plane. It didn't matter that he had whitehouse credentials, the pilot was afraid for his own ass and had him removed from the plane.

    After that, he raised a fit; which he should have!
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      Wear your h2k2 shirts [with the 5-tier terror alert system on the back, followed by the statement 'r u a threat?'] when you travel. especially if the nation is in orange alert. people will look at you and laugh at your post modernism.


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        Ya, then everyone will know I'm one of the tards from h2k2.

        I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me