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Siviak is picking me up....

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    Quarks is a Startrek spinoff theme'd bar; A part of the draw is apparently a drink called the 'warp core breach'. Another draw is the fantasy of a red shirts vs. kingon barfight, like you'd expect from a hard drinking Scott, a hard drinking Russian, and a million tribbles.

    Tribbles taste like chicken... as are most things slow enough to catch

    But I digress. I think Siviak deserves some community drinks for sure for his willingness to inconvenienced at the airport, multiple times, no less! So, yes, a drink on me for Siviak.

    If a chicken and a half, can lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half... how long would it take a monkey, with a wooden leg, to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?


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      Originally posted by stuartwesterman
      so, what is quarks?
      One cannot be told what Quark's is. You have to see it for yourself.
      the fresh princess of 1338

      What did I do to make you think I give a shit?