Beginning at 12:00 AM GMT on 12 June 2004, the Fourth WorldWide WarDrive
is underway. Data uploads are
now being accepted at The WWWD 4 upload site
( courtesy of (

The statistics are being tabulated in real time and can be viewed at The
WWWD 4 statistics page (

Additionally, the maps can be viewed at The WWWD 4 Map Page

The WWWD 4 will continue through 19 June 2004.

Coordination of drives throughout the world is done at the WorldWide
WarDrive Forums located at

As in the past, discussions pertaining to the WWWD can also be conducted
on the WarDriving mailing list

New for WWWD4 is the creation of a mailing list devoted solely to wireless
security issues. To join this list,
hosted by Michigan Wireless go to

For general information about the WorldWide WarDrive visit the WorldWide
WarDrive website at or the WWWD Frequently Asked Questions documen$

Media persons interested in articles or interviews should email
media [at] worldwidewardrive [dot] org with MEDIA INQUIRY
in the subject line.

roamer [at] worldwidewardrive [dot] org