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    Please post your questions as a reply to this thread. I know we're going to have to evolve this contest, so please remember that this *IS* the first year for the contest. It WILL get better as time goes on. I've added information to this ruleset to ensure that everything is UP-TO-DATE:

    [1] The total value of the parts in each robot can not exceed $500. This includes bought AND borrowed parts. If you think you may be questioned on the price of any components, please bring a receipt of proof of cost. Robots suspected of going over this limit may be disqualified.

    SUBMITTED ROBOTS MUST BE CUSTOM MADE. NO FULLY FUNCTIONAL PURCHASED ROBOTS WILL BE ALLOWED. The goal of this contest is to gauge the ingenuity of the contestants.

    [2] Specialty components may not factor directly into the cost of the robot. These items include microphones, mini-cams, wireless networking (802.11x), etc. Specialty items are considered those components that do not have a direct effect on the actual operation of the robot but simply add additional "cool factor".

    [3] The entry does NOT have to be TOTALLY independent to participate. This means that you CAN use remote control to operate your robot. But it should be noted in that robots capable of acting independently WILL score higher.

    [4] There are three award categories for this year's Robot Warez contest:

    a) The Uber Award
    The winner in this category will be scored from these categories:
    i) Coolest functionality
    ii) Best value for actual cost
    iii) Best looks
    iv) General appeal to the judges

    b) Task Master
    The winner in this category will be have the best time for completing the selected task. The task for this year will consist of picking up ping pong balls from one end of an arena and moving them (one at a time) to a bin on the other side of the arena. The best time wins.

    c) People's Choice
    The winner of this category is chosen by the votes of the attendees.

    [5] Anyone can enter anything they want as long as the comply with the rest of these rules

    [6] Entries must not weigh more than 50 lbs each.

    [7] Entries must be limited to a size that can fit into a 2.5' x 2.5' box, when collapsed. The entry must not exceed 3.5' tall when fully extended.

    [8] Fuel for each entry is limited to non-combustible items such as battery packs, solar power, etc. NO combustible fuel (such as gasoline or diesel) will be allowed. Choose your power format carefully because those entries deemed to be hazardous to the attendees will be disqualified and removed from the grounds.

    [9] NO DANGEROUS COMPONENTS!!! This is NOT a robot war where the contestants will attempt to destroy one another. No blades, fire, projectiles, electric pulse, etc. Anything deemed dangerous by the judges will be disqualified and removed immediately

    [10] The San Diego Defcon Group will be the DCG sponsor for the event. This means they will do the work related to actually running the contest at Defcon. We do all the planning and include them in the details so they can help us once the time comes.

    [11] Simplicity is the key for the first year.


    1. Arena will be 8'x8' sq space
    2. Ping pong ball bins will be 2 boxes (1 TO and 1 FROM), painted
    black to contrast with the walls
    3. Each bin will be 12 inches square.
    4. Boxes will be mounted to the wall corners
    5. Transport task will be 5 ping pong balls, standard white
    6. There will be no obstacles or beacons IN the arena.
    7. Arena will likely be concrete (outside) and created using cardboard
    8. Contestants MAY place beacons outside the arena if need be.
    9. Starting point will be in the center of the square and contestants
    will be allowed to face it any direction they like to begin
    10. Contestants may bring their own ping pong balls provided they are
    standard (regulation size/weight)
    11. We are planning on this contest being held outside. This is based on space restrictions. This is still TBD for certain.

    Questions? Contact russ at