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Ldap Presentation this year?

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  • Grifter
    The call for papers for speeches this year closed June 1st. Start planning now and you could give this presentation next year.

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  • TheCotMan
    started a topic Ldap Presentation this year?

    Ldap Presentation this year?

    You know what would be cool for this DC?

    A presentation on LDAP injection...

    Maybe someone here would be willing to do this if they were asked?
    (No, not me, but if such a presentation were offered, I would be there to watch.)

    I know the time for papers has ended, but I see there appear to be 7.5 empty slots [looking again, it seems there are nine full hour slots, and two 0.5 hour slots], but ldap is likely to be a big tool used by many places...

    If you think an ldap presentation is a good idea, post your thoughts on it, and maybe we can convince:
    1) a specific person to offer us a presentation on it
    2) it to be added to the lineup of speaking topics

    [Edit: removed a part of the description above, added content above in [ ] and added content below here]

    present DC12 Schedule
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