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    Does anyone have the pre-hunt list? I can't get to apparently someone forgot to renew the domain name.

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    Originally posted by staticblackz
    I can't get to apparently someone forgot to renew the domain name.
    Naw. It is not expired. Even last activity for the domain shows that it was last modified days before your post.

    Last Updated On:07-Jul-2004 10:56:36 UTC
    Expiration Date:14-Jun-2005 15:34:17 UTC

    It is part of a larger issue which is aparrently known by those who are working on it, and the people who need to know about it have been notified.

    After asking two questions about the real issue elsewhere, here is a rather clever response that I received: (this made me laugh when I read it)
    <Adrenaline> there's a reason for that
    <Adrenaline> heh
    <Adrenaline> it's being fixed
    <Adrenaline> no ETA on it yet right now though

    Which is like one of those answers which is mean to make you feel like the problem is being addressed without coming out and saying the problem is being addressed. It is common in IT to tell to users who are concerned the sky is falling.

    So, to continue with the theme:
    It will either be fixed before DC12 or it won't. (This is a true statement)

    * If the person who used NICK_REMOVED wants credit, let me know. I don't like citing things [with attributes/credit when] said in one forum to another without permission. [Adrenaline admitted to being the one who said this (see below)]

    [Edit: added content above in [ ] , replaced <NICK_REMOVED*> with <Adrenaline> (see later post from Adrenaline)]
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      For those that care, and just have to know what is going on...

      The server that hosts,, and is being DoS'd off the fucking map and has been for the last 5 days straight. 5000 packets/sec or so, taking out a large part of the bandwidth provided by a certain backbone in Utah. We're working on it. Don't you feel special now that you know?
      .: Grifter :.


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        and all Instances of <NICK_REMOVED*>
        would be me, the magnificent D-Ren,
        aka Adrenaline :) I figured that's all I'd
        say about it at the time though, to let
        Grifter address it.
        .:. Adrenaline .:.


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          All sites are up now. Unless of course since I posted this we got DoS'd again.
          .: Grifter :.


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            Originally posted by Grifter
            All sites are up now.....

            whew... I can start breathing again.... heh
            If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.