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    Originally posted by Siviak
    the one on the west side of town isn't bad. Jones and Desert Inn I believe.
    Really!? How long has that been there?
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      atleast a year
      If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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        Hmm maybe I should bring my hookah. Hmmm.


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          Okay, what is.... wait wait wait....dammit...I know where this is going...

          /me puts on flame retardent suit

          okay, what are hookah and shisha?

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            Glass Hookah Bowls

            Hello everyone. I own a lounge in Tucson Arizona. Smiley's Ultimate Hookah Lounge Inc.
            We smoke a hole different way here. We use a All Glass Hookah Head.No Metals are needed. When you use a Signature Smiley's Glass Hookah Bowl and Screen. You are Smokeing Clean. Smoke is very Tasty there is no tin taste. Also there is no metal Vapors the inhale. You use way less Charcoal. When you smoke our way 200 hundred Bowls equal one Cigerette in Nicotine But no tar. The other way with the metal screen or Hookah Foil One Bowl Equals a Pack of Cigerettes not in Nicotine or Tar. But in Carcinagines. Metal Vapors. All metal release Vapors. But Aluminum is one step above Lead. The metal Screens you are useing is nothing but a Heavy Gauged Aluminum. When you take these metals to 300 degrees. You are releaseing a Noxious Gas. You are all inhaleing this gas. I bet you all are suffering from what feels like a Hangover the next day after Smokeing Hookah.You didn't drink or you just don't drink. People refer to this feeling as a Hookah Hangover. Actually you are all suffering from Metal Piosoning. I bet you are all wakeing up with one or two of the Following reactions to the metal vapors. Frontal Lobe Headache? Burning Lungs and Your Balance is Off. This is what I call a Heavy Metal Hangover. Your body is trying to deal with the Metal Vapors you smoked from the last smokeing session.
            If you are interested in our way or have Questions please feel free to e-mail me at
            This is the first instalment of Smiley's Ultimate Hookah Inc.
            Thank you Smiley
            Copyright 2004 Smiley's Ultimate Inc.
            "Don't Be Square Be Smiley"