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    I just wanted to thank all the folks for showing up to the Toxic BBQ and making it such a fun success. Special thanks to all the folks listed on (and a few others that helped set up last minute)... if it weren't for you all, it would have been a bunch of people sitting around picnic tables wondering what to do. The pre-bbq food run was a blast :D

    I also want to thank the folks that donated drinks/meats/watermelon/etc to head back for some of the goons. ..the smallest gesture we could have made towards folks that could not attend because they were working all night long to make the conference start up okay. From what I heard, there were a few hungry ones that enjoyed the snack.

    all said, I'd say it was definately a little better than placing high priced steak orders with the Alexis Park? ;)
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    In my estimation, the Toxic BBQ is one event that must return next year. It was a great pre-cursor to the con. I want to thank everyone who participated, especially those who manned the grills slaving away so that the rest of us could chill and grub.

    A big thank you to converge for spearheading communication on the event which led to its success. Considering the volume of people and last minute minutiae, The Toxic BBQ was a great success. I look forward to it again next year.
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      I was completely amazed coming around the corner at the park and seeing how many people showed up.

      Everyone was generous with food/booze/tools, everyone had a great time, no-one was an ass. We had more than enough grills, plates, etc.

      Definatly an event for next year. However I don't want it to be just Myself and Londo doing the home made BBQ sauces, we want enough for a competition.

      Next year though, we need to get a butcher shop or store involved so we don't scare the crap out of the folks at sams club on our food run

      Aside from the transportation issues, everything went great, thanks to everyone who came out. Best event ever.
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        i also loved it. so many great people, and the food was out of this world. i would love it if the powers that be could press harder on the alexis park next year for some space to have the event there with our own meat. from what i understand it was simply a food service / money to be earned issue that was the problem this time, right? nothing about the grills or flame as i understand it.

        there are so many great spots in between the hotel room buildings, little out of the way corridors that are shady and grass-covered. if the event could go down there next time that'd be even cooler in my opinion.

        thanks to everyone who was there and everyone who put this together.

        p.s. - renderman's BBQ sauce was outstanding. i almost tried to find a way to take the rest home on my plane.
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          Render's Cherry Cola BBQ sauce

          4 cans cherry cola - In a large pot boil until reduced to 1.5 cups
          1 tub Danish Orchard Black Cherry Jam
          1 sm jar Maille Horse Radish Mustard
          3 tbsp Soya Sauce
          2 tbsp Cider Vinegar
          1 tbsp hot sauce (tobasco)

          After reducing Cola , add remaining Ingredients and simmer again till reduced to 2.5 cups. Cool before using

          Salt and Pepper Ribs and wrap in foil and parchment paper. Bake approx 2 hrs. Baste with sauce and either bake in oven or BBQ, continue basting. Also can be used as dipping sauce at table.

          The ribs were fresh out of the package and not baked, but as you can see, it still turns out nice as a brush on sauce.

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            How about selling a cookbook with all the recipes of the attendees?


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              Yes, thank you to all the BBQ organizers. Good times were had and much grilled stuff consumed. All that food was a nice buffer for the booze that soon followed.

              Cheers, and hope to see yall next year.


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                Yes I must say it was the best BBQ that I have ever been to, mad props to those who participated and showed up to make it an awsome event. All the food was great and so were the Official Toxic BBQ shirts. Thank you every one.
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                  The Toxic BBQ was one of the only events I got to attend and it was a blast. I agree, it should come back next year. I don't know if I can think of a single thing that would have made it better save for starting earlier in the day, having a shaded area to hide from the orb and a volleyball!

                  Many thanks to $Las_Vegas_Host_Entity, HW, Stitch and all the grillas

                  I have pics that will get posted somewhere, including one pic of the retreat of the invading Norms...
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                    What an awesome time!! i just wish i had been able to prepare some of the meat and veggies prior to showing up. I had a blast and i'm Looking forward to attending next year. I'll make sure to bring my Sam's club card, 15 bottle openers and folding chairs.

                    Publish a cookbook Converge!!!



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                      I was also really suprised about the number of people there. It was bad ass, as was the food run to sams. Next year is a must.
                      thanks to all the others that helped make it happen.
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                        I only bad experience I had [related to the BBQ] was someone ripped off my Toxic BBQ t-shirt. What a bummer.
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                          [QUOTE=converge]The pre-bbq food run was a blast :D
                          Would that be the one I got Gregory to volunteer?

                          I was surprised when there was more food than needed, I was worried, so our group brought 6 steaks and a package of 12 sausage, and chips.

                          When there was actually food leftover, and beer leftover from the BBQ, to be taken back, that amazed me. Was deffinately fun, I met alot of people there, and had some discussions with folks. Enjoyed munching on some good food..
                          I got the Cherry Cola Ribs... Picture on that link..
                          Didnt get to try the other ones you had..

                          Tried some of the Ceviche they had up for offer and the Fajitas marinaded
                          in fruit juices and tequila. For those who didnt attend, YOU MISSED OUT ON GOOD FOOD AND FREE BEER.

                          A suggestion for next year, post a list of items needed "tin foil, utinsils, charcoal" ect.. and have people volunteer them.. This year some items came in overkill.. and some there werent enough. Then people went to get more, and more people showed up with the missing items..

                          Overall it was a success, and was glad to be of help with the car our group had, and the food we brang, as well as just to be part of something that looks to be an annual event now.


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                            Awesome time. The 10 or so people I roomed with wan't to do it all over again next year. I will be making sure they do not miss the toxic BBQ then. It was a great way to start off DC and if I have a complaint at all, it is that there was not enough time. LONGER!

                            To the people that got this thing going. Thank you for contributing to an awesome first DC experience.


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                              There are still like 5-6 BBQ shirts left, PM me if you want one and we'll see if we can work something out.