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Art for EFF
Come and purchase some killer art from y3t1 at Defcon to support EFF. (site)
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by eris
Be The Match Foundation - Bone Marrow Drive
Back for its third year! Take part of the coolest "Bio-Hack" around... register with "Be the Match" at DefCon, and take the first step to become a Bone Marrow Donor. (site), (blog), (twitter), (FaceBook), (Sign-up/Signup).
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by Clutch
CODAME at Def Con 21
Non-profit Festivals & Events covering tech challenges with emphasis on artistic expression and creativity. Bringing together independent artists, coders, game developers, creators, performers and musicians celebrating Art and Technology. (site) , (twitter) , (CallForArtists)
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DEAF CON is unofficial DEF CON event which is volunteer-run, peer service funded by independent donations. It is for deaf and deaf-friendly to meet and share thoughts and services. (DEAF CON not affiliated with the speaker-track services using CART and text on screens.)
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Tamper Evident Village
After a few years of "Dark tangent's Tamper Evident Contest" , new for Defcon 21 is the "Tamper Evident Village. (This description may change without announcement.) (site)
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DC101 is the Alpha to the closing ceremonies' Omega. It's the place to go to learn about the many facets of Con and to begin your Defconian Adventure. Whether you're a n00b or a long time attendee, DC101 can start you on the path toward maximizing your DefCon Experiences. (site), (twitter)
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Deviant Ollam
*UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Kids
Focused on content for beginner hackers age 8-16, we have a classroom for kids to participate in demos and workshops, such as learning how to open Master locks, Google Hacking, making Electronics, Social Engineering, coding in Scratch and Communicating in Code. (site), (twitter)
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by Grendel
Defcon Cycle_OverRide (was: Defcon Bike)
Rent bicycles, hire a guide, and endure a 2 Hour bike ride in the Las Vegas heat! Got Water? (Event Info), (Join List/Form), (twitter), (#hacktheheat)
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*UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Shoot
Las Vegas, targets, people, weapons, fun. (site.)
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Hacker Karaoke
Hackers, Karaoke... What more do you need to know? Time: ... Location: ... (site), (twitter.)
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Ham Radio Examinations
Want to get your amateur (ham) radio license? (Registered ARRL Event)
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Hardware Hacking Village
Just as the name implies, this is a forum for discussion of the new Hardware Hacking Village. (twitter)
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Lockpick Village
The Lockpick Village has many demonstrations and some contests. This is a run by mny volunteers such as Deviant and TOOOL-USA. This may include contests such as: Points Competition, Lock Field Stripping, Speed Picking Competition, and more!
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Get your head buzzed at DC 21 to support the EFF! (twitter) (site)
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The Official #BloodKode Challenge
Q: What can you get a hacker that has it all?!?
A: How about some blood & bone marrow!
(Twitter: #BloodKode)
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by Zorlac
Back for a fifth blowout year, Skytalks are presentations (55-110 min) that are designed to overclock your brain with cutting edge information about sensitive topics that you might not be able to freely discuss or research from the privacy of your own home, workplace, or favorite con. (Facebook), (twitter), (site)
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by Dallas
Social Engineer Village (SE Village)
Come to the same room where the SE CTF (Social Engineering Capture the Flag) is taking place to test and practice your skills in a contest, observe the skills of others, or check out extra content beyond the contest, including presentations from noteworthy people on important topics of Social Engineering! (site), (event) (blog), (twitter), (SE CTF for Kids Forum) , (SE CTF Forum)
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Wireless Village
Everything you always wanted to know about wireless (802.11, bluetooth, RFID) and Amateur Radio all in one place. The Defcon 21 Wireless Village is the place you will want to be. Stop by, listen, learn and have fun. (twitter)
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