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Chris' Annual Thank you, lessons learned, and oops I fucked up list.

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  • Chris
    Holy shit. In my post-con fog I forgot a couple of folks that absolutely have to be on this list.

    Twin Vega--Thanks for the Avatar Badge. It rocked and I can't even remember if I thanked you on site for making it.

    Barkode and all of the Ninjas--Thanks for hooking a brutha up. You guys were the shit letting all my friends into your party long after you had stopped letting other folks in. I appreciate it and I owe you.

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  • LosT
    Thank Neural for thinking up new contests...

    Hey I'd like to thank Neural for the time he put into the TCP/IP device contest....a new contest, and he spent quite a bit of time sitting at the table at CON. I enjoyed the contest, and appreciate the forward thinking on Neural's part for coming up with a new contest....


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  • Chris
    Originally posted by renderman
    Don't forget to thank jdumas, for the amount of entertainment he provided, he should be thanked.

    And thus begins the first (of probably many) revisions to this list.

    Thanks to Renderman, Panthera, Deviant, 1Master, and Teammate o' 1Master. You guys provided us with hours of fun and were really really good sports when you didn't win Tag. To Render in particular, you have hugely supported this contest, the WWWD, and me in general. I apologize for being so distracted from Sunday until now (until who knows when) that I continue to slight you (unintentionally) and yet you never complain, and in fact continue to support both my projects and me personally. You are a good friend and I'm sorry.

    There, a thank you and a sorry all wrapped up in one. Jesus I rock.

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  • renderman
    Don't forget to thank jdumas, for the amount of entertainment he provided, he should be thanked.

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  • Chris' Annual Thank you, lessons learned, and oops I fucked up list.

    I forget the number of years that I have been doing this, and had actually just considered dropping a few lines in the other Thanks and Sorry Thread...but have received several emails asking where this fine piece of literature was...and as has been stated (mostly by me) several times..."I am all about the service."

    So now...let's get to it. First, Lessons Learned.

    1. Choose one party on Saturday night. Ping-Ponging between the IVU and Ninja parties put a serious hurtin' on my head, liver, feet, and lungs.

    2. Don't tell work you'll check your email "every day" while at just ain't gonna happen.

    3. Jesus I have to quit smoking.

    4. Trying to please everyone is totally impossible, so please yourself and take care of as many of your friends as possible.

    5. Don't promise people shit when you are in the bag. You forget, they don't.

    6. Sponsors for contests are great. A trillion sponsors for contests sounds like a whore fest at the awards ceremony.

    7. Don't answer the phone during the awards ceremony. You may think it's funny...your wife does not.

    A couple of quick I'm Sorry's.

    Sorry to the WD Staff for spacing at the awards ceremony.

    Sorry to hratch for my comment at the awards ceremony. You busted your ass and the rivalry between you and 1Master is really what made the contest a success this year. I appreciate your dedication to competing in this contest.

    Sorry to anyone I forget in the thank you's that follow.

    Now...on to the thank you's.

    First and foremost, again, I would like to thank DT and Black Beetle. You both had everything I needed for both the WD Contest and the Vendor Area right when I needed it. You made me look good even when I was totally frazzled. I appreciate both rock.

    Zac, you are half the man you used to be :) but you ran the operations of the con like a man possessed. Thanks for everything.

    Russ, man I missed having you there every day to remind me to take it easy and relax some. You've always been the man and I could write an entire thread on all the shit you've done for me. Thanks don't even begin to express it so rather than get all sappy and shit, I'll just give you a big ole double finger and leave it at that :)

    Thorn, AlxRogan, Converge, Medic, and Dara. Bet you guys were thinking I was going to forget you...again! Well fear not. Your dedication and committment to the WD contest is the only reason it went as well as it did this year. Thanks a million for everything. As long as I am running the WD contest (will it never end!!) you have a place on my staff if you want it.

    Videoman, Heather, and Lock. Thanks for busting your asses to get the network up, keep the network up, get my Vendor phone lines in place and generally make all of our lives easier. If folks had any idea how much work you do on the network they'd buy you enough beer that you'd still be drunk next year.

    Noid, Priest and the security staff. Do I really even need to say anything about you guys? Controlling chaos isn't easy, but it can be fun. Thanks for not letting us all kill ourselves and/or each other. Thanks for being sane when the rest of us aren't.

    Freaky and all at IVU. Thanks for being such great Vendors. When others are making want to punch them in the throat I try to remember that you guys have never given me a single piece of grief. Thanks. Also, thanks for the party. We had a blast this year on your dime...very wicked.

    AlxRogan (for the second of three times) and TiggrJenn for the rides, the Blackjack, and the fun. You guys rock. If you end up moving I am going to really miss hanging out. Texas is fo' suckas don't want to go back.

    Mike, Randy and Danny. Thanks for the shirt...I'll wear it with pride, even if you guys won't (ha). See ya at the next poker game.

    Bobzilla, Arkasha, and all at WiGLE. Thanks for hanging with us, and taking care of one of ours when she couldn't take care of herself (heh).

    AlxRogan (3 of 3) and Nulltone. Thanks for covering my ass in the Vendor Area when I was running around thinking that I was more important than I actually am and trying to do too many things at once.

    HW and Stitch. Thanks for making me laugh when I was getting overwhelmed. You guys are ok for homer-sexuals.

    The BJM. Thanks for being the BJM.

    I will close this long winded piece of self important nonsense the same way I do every year...

    All the non-asshat people that showed up, put up, and got fucked up. I say it every year, and I mean it every year. You are DefCon. Without you there would be no con.
    We work hard not to forget that so that you can go home with an experience that you won't soon forget.

    If I forgot you I am sorry, I will probably remember later and edit this.