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promiscuous mode with iptunnel

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  • promiscuous mode with iptunnel

    I'm currently stuck using AOL (my families account) due to finances. Which is no big deal at least I've got i-net. However, when I was on DSL, I was able to use ethereal and watch the traffic, and explore a bit. Now that I am stuck on this dial up connection, I cant seem to see any packets of others on the network. Only if I request a page or ping an ip. So heres a few ?s;

    Does aol somehow prevent a promiscuous connection over dial up?

    Could the fact that I'm using penngy( which is an aol dialer for linux be preventing ethereal from being effective?

    I know that the penggy program uses the universal tun/tap drivers, and when the program is called upon, it invokes a /dev/net/tun0 device rather than /dev/ppp0.

    If anyone has some wisdom they could share, it would really help. I've studied the software distributors pages, and help files but nothing relates.

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    Originally posted by 1984
    Does aol somehow prevent a promiscuous connection over dial up?
    (Short Mode)

    Dial-up is usually "unshared media" meaning, you will only see what you send/receive (including NAT-ed trafficthrough you.)

    Unswitched Ethernet, Ethernet with shared collision domain, Ethernet on a shared broadband cable link without filtering are all *shared*.

    Promisc mode forward everything the "card" sees up the interface even if the MAC DST is not matched.

    If the media is unshared, why would you expect to see anything except your own traffic?


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      Thank you for the reply, that makes sense to me now.