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Problems with madwifi

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  • converge
    my experience with madwifi was that the module is still very much new. basic things like association and general traffic worked fine. even something as rudimentery as wavemon would cause trouble. heh... i wasn't aware that it even supported the monitor ioctl. definately not one of the first 10 cards I'd pick to scan for APs with...

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  • MoDeM_FoX
    started a topic Problems with madwifi

    Problems with madwifi

    I guess i am an idiot or something but i am using a WAG311 a/b/g wifi card with a luxul 1 watt amp 15ft of lmr400 and a 15dbi gain omni antenna. Now under windows there are about 50 ap's in the area. Under linux when i issue the sudo iwconfig ath0 channel 6 or some command close to, the card stays stuck on channel one. this makes no sense since i know for a fact there are ap's on that channel. The card is up and on channel one it can find my ap so what gives?