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How many talks did you attend?

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  • How many talks did you attend?

    So, how many talks did you attend? Which was your favorite? Which was the worest?
    0 - I was a Goon and was too busy [Added by Grifter]
    0 - I was too drunk
    1 - 2 That I could not possible go without
    4 - 8
    1 talk from each track every hour possible

    The poll is expired.

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    I went to None.

    I watched a few of interest on DCTV (EFF, Bev Harris, Kryptos sculpture) and recorded a number of them on VCR to be watched shortly

    I was far to busy being drunk, participating in Contests, and doing everything my mother told me not to do.
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      I went to 4 or 5, about half of the talks I wanted to hear. Being drunk before noon makes it a bit hard to make those afternoon talks!

      I showed up where/when Hacking the Media was scheduled, and was pleasantly surprised to find that talk had been swapped with Google Hacking. On the flip side, I also showed up where/when Google Hacking was scheduled to be, and was probably the only one who was happy to be told it was actually going to be Hacking the Media.


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        DEFCON lite

        I thought the talks were a little lite this year.


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          I actually went to 2 on my own.. was at another 6+ gooning, so I did not get to pay attention to all of the talks. The ones that I did pay some attention were good for the most part..
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            The most amusing one was Meet the Feds.. I laughed a lot in there! I thought it was the most entertaining.

            The one I should have stayed for longer.. was RF-ID but I got pissed off about 1/2 through because I thought they were selling the idea of RF-ID on us.. I could barely stomach it. Then I found out later that the speaker actually delved into the RFdump after I left.. Which taught me one thing.. Never leave until you get all the data! As it was, I had to come home and research it online after defcon. I dl the rfdump!

            A few others, but it seemed a bit outdated on the PGP-I've read a lot on that. However, I felt it brought it more to the forefront for a lot of the attendees.

            Enlightment is always GOOD!

            Those that I attended were well presented, professional and just plain 'fun.'
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              I went this year with the goal to see more talks. I only attended 3 talks and watched a bunch of them in the room. I enjoyed the following:

              TCP/IP Black OPS (a perennial favorite)
              The advantages of being a HAM
              THe Car Network (all you wanted to know about ODBII)
              Richard Thieme's talk
              Cryptos stuff

              and a bunch of others. I'm still going through the presentations on the CD and digging up more gems. In general, I thought that the speakers were well prepared and professional.


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                Does watching them count? That is the way to go now.


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                  I attended prolly like 4 or 5 this year, alot better than the 1 that I attended last year. Really enjoyed the car networks and Hacking net2phone. The one that I really wanted to see was the one that hackajar presented on credit card networks but unfortunately alcohol got the best of me this year and I missed out on the speak.
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                    Originally posted by astcell
                    Does watching them count? That is the way to go now.
                    You got that right. It seems though, that there were actually some talks you
                    could get into this year (as opposed to last year). I think DT's trying, but the
                    con is just too damn big for the hotel. Nothing you can do about that.

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                      Originally posted by 0versight
                      I think I went to 4 of them, funniest one was Bascule fumbling with Open Office
                      That was pretty funny. I liked when he said, "So, does anyone program in here?" and the only people that responded were the same guys that had raised their hand for everything. It was a good talk though.

                      The hack the vote talk was my favorite though. Network Attack visualization was neat too.
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                        I tried to get to one an hour but it was not possible due to the lines (the ones I wanted to see seemed to be the popular ones). So it ended up seeing one, taking an hour break, wait in line, see another.


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                          I was to busy to "go" to talks except A's, but ended up getting lucky while gooning and saw a few decent ones. I did get to watch Kaminsky's presentation, post-Priest, which was pretty much OMG.

                          Theime's talk was good, car mp3 tech was decent, bluesnarfing was awesome, HAM presentation was interesting...
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                            I didn't physically go to any talks this year -- I didn't want a repeat of last year where I spent most of my time standing in lines for talks I didn't get into anyway and seeing very little.

                            Instead, I watched talks all day on DCTV from the comfort of my nice air-conditioned room. It was great. I got to see every talk I wanted to see, and if I started watching a talk and found it wasn't what I expected, I could just switch to another one.


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                              See? This is EXACTLY why I'm staying at AP next year. I don't CARE if I have to book in February, I do not want to stand around in lines half the time trying to get into talks, only to realize that they've been switched, or that they were far from what I expected.

                              Not that I'm really complaining. I had an awesome time anyway.