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A new perspective on programming-language infrastructure

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  • A new perspective on programming-language infrastructure


    This isn't really a question, I just wanted to see if anyone has heard of the C-- programming-language infrastructure. I saw a talk given by Norman Ramsey, the Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvard.

    This language is still in the design stages but it looks promising. Here's where to check it out:

    What distinguishes C--
    The following aspects of C-- distinguish it from other compiler infrastructures:

    * Other infrastructures focus on adding new optimizations; C-- focuses on supporting multiple front ends for multiple languages.
    * C-- has a machine-level type system, so you don't have to shoehorn your favorite high-level language into a high-level data model that doesn't fit.
    * C-- provides a run-time interface, so you can implement garbage collection and exception handling using the techniques that are best suited to your language.

    The run-time interface is the most novel and most distinguishing feature of C--.
    I think the coolest feature is that there are Global variables bound to registers, making it easier to plug in variables for other languages.

    Well, check it out and tell me what you think.

    (Gotta love them Harvard Grad students.)