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Third party restriction software?

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  • Third party restriction software?

    Good afternoon. I'm working on denying permissions to users on my family machine (Windows XP sp1) and need a quick program to help me. My goal is to be able to manage what users who login can do. Things such as installing software and denying computer management options (my computer) are of interest to me. I tried Winguard and loved the ease but was unable to register.

    I would like a program that will do these aforementioned things with an easy-to-use GUI.

    Yes, I am aware, as an administrator, I can do these things but time is a concern.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    IIRC, XP has that stuff built into it already. I have all of my local users set up as 'power users' while I retain local admin rights. Helps to be running NTFS too so you can leverage the additional control you can get out of it.

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      atripes, it sounds like you have XP HOME or have your disk formatted to FAT. Get XP PRO and format your hard disk to NTFS then lock that puppy down.


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        theres a program called tweakui i think it can do some of that stuff...just google it
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