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Ashcroft Resigns

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    ...and people wonder why DefCON is called off each year...



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      Originally posted by che
      At least Ashcroft still has his singing career..
      I love that song so much, that is going to be the hold music on our phone system for at least a week.


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        Originally posted by Xodia
        Thats an oversimplification. Thats like saying, "If I catch you running into my backyard, no matter what the circumstances, I can take you out where no one can possibly see or do anything and slowly torture you."
        Kind of different when there are millions of lives at stake. And my statement was not an oversimplification, If I said that all Afgahani's supported terrorism because they did nothing to stop the Taliban and that their silence proclaimed them guilty then THAT would be an oversimplification of a complicated situation. Those who were captured were not taken in daylight from their homes just for wanton American cruelty, they were wither taken in combat, at Taliban Training camps or in some way involved in the day to day regulation of the opium controlled and funded government.

        Originally posted by Xodia
        Yes, most of the people that were captured in Afghanistan were terrorists, but it is possible that some weren't. I'd rather not torture potentially innocent people LEGALLY.
        That is an ignorant statement, "prosecute innocent (potentionally) people legally."
        Yes the American Military may detain suspected criminals but that is because the military believe they had sufficient cause or evidence to do so. However our soldiers are not some evil force that detains and kills without regard.

        Originally posted by Xodia
        Besides, I think its pretty safe to assume that we'd torture some of the people anyway.
        No we also do not partake in political assassinations. There are reasons that American soldiers are held to a strict code of honor so that they are above these implications. Abu Graib was the exception to this, however the soldiers were prosecuted. And frankly I am tired of these unfounded bullshit rumors and cloak and dagger tales about American Injustices. Have a little pride in your soldiers, a couple of them who are relatives of mine so I take any insult to them as personal.
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          Originally posted by skroo
          Here's hoping the doorknob hits him squarely on the ass.
          You got that right. We've got people flying jets into large buildings, yet this asshole seems to have enough free time on his hands to go after medical marijuana and death with dignity (from what i've read because you-know-who wouldn't like it). The hypocrites talk about "states rights"...but if it's something *they* don't like then it's another story.

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            Originally posted by murakami
            I love that song so much, that is going to be the hold music on our phone system for at least a week.
            GREAT idea! I can't wait to torture^H^H^H entertain folks holding for me at the office with that one!
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