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  • internet fades away...

    Okay, my first post, please be patient with me!

    I updated, to sp2, a fairly new Gateway laptop with a intel wireless card built in. Prior to the update, the internet was no problem to surf, outlook express worked fine. After the update, the internet, which this laptop connects to wirelessly, works only for a few mintutes after a reboot, then it dies. Funny thing is, upon checking ipconfig, the laptop is still puilling a valid ip, It still shows that it is connected to the router with "excellent" signal strenght. During these outages, there is another computer also hooked up to this router cruzing the net with out problem. Also, network stumbler shows great signal from router.

    This laptop has a button on top, near the keyboard, that turns on/off the wireless card. I noticed that if I turn off the wireless, wait a minute, then turn it back on, I have internet again, but only for a few minutes. Download speeds are good, all is normal, then poof, no more internet. Still however connected to the router with excellent signal...

    I have updated he drivers for the wireless card, I have reset the cable modem and router. I have banged my skull on the desk several times. I have, OMG what a nightmare, talked with a microsoft tech person. Currently, I have Gateway tech researching it, but I am not to sure how that is going to turn out...

    Any ideas??? Thanks very much in advance!

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    Wrong bat time, wrong bat channel.



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      You broke the internet!

      Call AOL

      After all , AOL is the Internet .


      simple solutions:

      2. apply a hardline to your machine.

      Rinse and repeat .

      3. check your network connection with the battery only. Then with power supply and battery.

      Lather, rinse and repeat.

      If the Internet gets in your eyes , do not induce vomiting!
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        I did forget to mention that I did try connecting directly to the router via cat 5 and no change. I did also "google" the hell out of this to no avail.

        I also failed to read the "read before you post" and see that I sinned by mentioning that I was a first time poster.

        I get the message... Thanks anyway.


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          Ping your IP.
          Ping the router.
          Ping whatever is after that.

          Or do a traceroute.

          Check the event log for network issues.

          Check your DNS entries too. You can have a machine working perfectly fine with bad DNS entries, until it queries DNS then it can hose up.

          And take a minute and breathe. Unless Yasser Arafat's Swiss bank account numbers are on that box, it's nothing a reinstall can't tweak.


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            its all about gateway hardware vs. M$ SP2 software. They probably don't mesh.
            Go catch a falling star.


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              Could the firwall *(assuming this is an XP machine,based on the hint of SP2) be cause of this problem? I have heard that there have been a few issues with the XPs firewall, internet connections, and SP2.


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                Thanks much for the input. Agreed, regarding the data on the box, not too important. I just reformatted it tonight, then first thing installed sp2 from a cd copy I have of it and from there continued to install/configure the rest of the requested programs. So far, all is fine and as of this post I am all but done with it. For good I hope.

                Thanks again!