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  • Question i was asked...(API)

    I had an email from a friend who wants help, sadly i cant help him but i was wondering if any of u guys could

    "there is much I would like to know about Windows (I have a Unix history) in particular about the API, and wonder if you are up to speed on this. I was digging today for a "Julian Date/Time" function like Unix has, and came to the conclusion that the nearest function, with 1ms precn., is broken re winter/summer time, and leap seconds - currently I am using a "time since boot" function as a real-time reference. Another one I need to chase is API functions for configuring the serial port - i.e. say "8bit, no parity" - at present I have to use a coms application to pre-set them - I have tried to use dos calls, that apparently set it identically, but that does not work."
    thank guys

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but are you always your friend's bitch?

    (read: is he/she always unable to discover and learn for themselves?)

    Just curious.

    Haiku for you:

    Chicken nuggets scare
    DefCON forums net wasteland
    get analog friend