Due to members holiday/family etc. schedules we're making a change:

DC 404's next meeting will be December 4, 2-5pm at Azul
Tequila Lounge in Decatur Square (attached to Raging Burrito). The burritos are good and the bartenders make great Bloody Marys (haven't had the stomach to ask for a Deth Veggie yet)

<from Dr. Kaos>
Based on a poll taken during our last meeting, it seems that HW Hacking is the favorite topic for December. With Xmas right around the corner (bah-humbug), there's no better time to learn how to hax0r a TiVo, PS2, Xbox, iPod, WRT54G, Satellite, DVD player and/or any other electronic device or geek gadget I've neglected to mention.

We have several presenters already qued up to do demos and walkthroughs, including digunix on the xbox and ipod, atlas who will talk about hacking your wrt54g, and joe on tricking out your tivo.

For more info and directions:

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