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    Do you know how to stop this command :(){ :|:&};: (bomb) on FreeBSD - what to do to make it unusefull - how to stop it. How to make a good security ??
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    That's just the bash equivalent of for(;;) fork(); You can stop it with killall -9 bash. You can use ulimit to limit the number of processes a user can create. Some operating systems, such as OS X, do this per default.
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    45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B1
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      Originally posted by bascule
      That's just the bash equivalent of for(;;) fork(); ...
      *BSD have advantages over Linux kernels for dealing or preventing things like this and offers more controls for admins. Linux "solutions" are a bit kludge-like. (e.g.: *BSD ulimit > Linux ulimit)

      Problem with "fork bombs" is they are often pretty fast, and you may run out of free PID and not be able to start a new process to kill a process. Even trying to run "ps" (not even considering | grep) can fail if there are no free PID. Linux supports the "Magic SysRq key"

      For Linux SysRq Key, read:
      /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ Scroll down to "CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ"

      killall is also useful on Linux systems, but *be careful* as its function is not the same over all *NIX systems.

      slay is a non-standard command available as a package in some distros to kill all processes owned by the specified user.

      If you are the one who started a forkbomb "accidentally" and want to stop it before it gets out of control, you can iuse GNU kill (and some others) as follows:
      $ kill -9 -0
      the "special " "-0" means "all of the processes that the calling user can kill, and, well, you know what -9 does. :-)

      Best thing to do is kick the far-from-hacking DoS-er off the system for doing something so braindead and revoke their account.
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