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anyone heard of BWA711?

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  • anyone heard of BWA711?

    I just bought a Blitz BWA711 router and pci chip for my wlan at home...its supposed to send packets at about 124mbps and technically any wlan connection is normally suppose to run max at 11mbps so im guessing it just transfers more packets and drops way less than my old i correct on this or no? and is this thing any good because so far im gonna tear my old card in half and eat it

    oh i dont know if this will help but its says on the box its a Blitz BWA711 Super G so lemme know if thats different from a normal 802.11 G...
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    802.11b is 11mbps. The world has grown and we now have a/b/g cards. Some of them have turbo modes or other proprietary software to soup up the speeds, maybe. Use at your own risk.

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      i just wanted an oppinion on if what i bought is any good because im not that greatly enlightened on wlans an most of you here are...if i could can i get your opinion of weather i spent my money well. [which was about 120 dollars]


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        As astcell said, these "Super G" modes are proprietary. So unless you've purchased an Access Point/Router using the same proprietary mode (i.e. the same brand), or you're using one work or the at the local coffeeshop, etc., then you've wasted your money. The card will only run at 802.11g speeds (54mbs) with other brands of AP/Routers, and standard G cards can be found for about $70 or less.
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          yeah i bought the router too and so far its working nicely...sadly enough im only supplied with a dsl connection through the router so...its slow but faster then the 802.11 b model and the 802.11 g i was using