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  • AlxRogan
    WOW, what an amazing backdoor!! It only requires access to modify the /etc/passwd file and you totally pwn3d the machine!!!


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  • Baudtrap
    started a topic Backdoors


    Here's a backdoor that works pretty much everytime in a unix system. Create a script and put it a folder. Then there is this folder or command (i haven't got the names into my heads yet) that you can use to run scripts at a certain time at a certain day or as a daily routine. This script adds a line in the password file (etc/passwd) that creates a new user account or enables a disabled one. You may also create a script that disables or removes the account at the end of the day. Now the sysadm may delete or disable the accounts as many times as he wants but you will stil gain access easily thanks to one simple script. You may want to set the command or program to initiate the script at a time when there's almost noone online and initiate the other script when people start logging in. Remember to delete your traces from the log files after you have put in the script or else it will be discovered.