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  • checking ports

    how do i check wich ports are open - and how to close them

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    maybe iam lame or starter or newbie but iam really interested in that area and i just writed my script - and it looks like
    while [ $i -le 10000 ]
    echo | telnet $1 $i
    i=`expr $i + 1`
    it just for search for open ports... i need to close them too
    is there any faster way?
    anyone HELP!!


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      Search Google using these key words ports, open and closed ports, and maybe iptables.

      Also, you may want to check your spelling and grammar in word or something before you post.
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        nmap - Check open ports

        ident.conf ->FBSD (linux?) to close some

        google search to close windows ports (ie: "SEARCH: PORT 139 close windows")
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          I don't believe a Google search sufficiently explains the situation.

          You can see listening ports (i.e., services that are accepting connections) by running `netstat -l` in Linux (or `netstat -a` in Windows and look for "LISTENING").

          As lil_freak indicates, though, listening services may still be firewalled. One solution is to use the tool `nmap` from a remote machine well away from your network.


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            Originally posted by flying
            how do i check wich ports are open - and how to close them
            Depends by what you mean by "open"

            If "open" means, "ports opened by services/applications on your machine waiting for connection requests" then you may want to check out "netstat" for windows and *nix systems and on linux additionally try "lsof -i"

            If by "open" you mean "able to be talked to by people not on your computer" then you have a question filtering/firewalls, and you can use the suggestions above and apply them from a different machine.

            There are web-based "port scanners" which can scan your machine for you and give a report of what service ports are being blocked and which are not, or are partly being blocked.

            Here is one:
            It requires Java to work, and has limited functions, compared to other more advanced port scanners, but it is something.

            Google for others.


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              And here is another one which are very good, and have some more functions.
              On the same site you will also find several freeware programs which help you disable the messenger service, Dcom (port 135) and the Universal plug and play service (If you are running Windows)
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                Active ports works well, as does TCPview . Nmap and angry ip scanner will work well for port scanning. And as someone already mentioned.. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!
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                  There are two port-related programs that you should be playing with if you are interested in port scanning:

                  NMAP at


                  Netcat at

                  Note that both programs can be run on Windows 2K if so desired. I didn't notice what operating system you were using. Take a little time and read up on these two programs. They serve a variety of other purposes as well as port scanning. Install them, try them out. If you have more questions, post here.