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Notacon 2 : Notanothercon (Cleveland)

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  • Notacon 2 : Notanothercon (Cleveland)

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up that Notacon 2 will be taking place April 8th - 10th, 2005 in Cleveland, Ohio.

    In addition to what we did last year (2 main tracks of talks, games, events, contests, art, music, etc.), we are expanding our offerings and offering 2 tracks of professional sessions on Friday geared towards IT professionals and developers.

    This year's main focus involves how technology supports community and visa-versa. On top of that we will still try to showcase the intersections between art, technology and music. We have some pretty weird and cool stuff lined up for this year, that's for sure.

    Our call for proposals is currently open through February 25th as well as our pre-registration.

    Information on all of that as well as general information can be found on our website,

    Last year we had over 150 people. We expect between 300 and 400 this year. Certainly not Defcon numbers, but it should still be a great group of people just the same!

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    Speaker list is fully populated at this point. Our schedule will be up tomorrow. We're looking forward to putting together a great event for folks in the midwest or others who wish to travel. We expect attendance to be more than double of what it was later year and may exceed 500.

    Hope to see you there!


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      Neat, I just bought the airline tickets, I think I'll crash with one of the Usual Suspects and I am really looking forward to this convention!

      Not spending any real quality time in Cleveland (except teaching two weeks of security training at NASA Glenn), where is there an excellent sushi bar near the convention hotel that isn't all that expensive nor gets their fish from Lake Erie?
      Nonnumquam cupido magnas partes Interretis vincendi me corripit


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        There is Chinatown which is a short drive away, but if you drive maybe 10 mintues towards the Coventry area past Case Western Reserve University there is a GREAT Sushi place called Pacific East. (Great from what my wife and friends tell me... I'm not a big sushi fan) It's not too hard to get to and most of the Notacon staff can give you directions.

        Pacific East Japanese Restaurant (1763 Coventry Rd.)

        There are probably others, but that's one that everyone I know raves about.
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          My wife, Tyger, also tells me that the following place is pretty good, too, and it a lot closer:

          Sushi Rock (1276 West 6th)