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    Defcon goon Josh, aka pac-bell, is missing and presumed dead after his plane went down over the Pacific Ocean on Tues, Feb 22. Details can be found at , which is being updated as soon as new information is available.

    It goes without saying that everyone who knew Josh will miss him.


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    RIP buddy.

    -- Steve "vudu" Tauber


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      Josh was one of my best friends. Much like Ghent, he was one of the few people I trusted implicitly. My circle of trust just grew a little smaller, and my world a little colder. I'm gonna miss you, man.

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      I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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        Oh man, I was so looking forward to seeing him this year. I'm at a loss for words. He was one of a kind and I'm going to miss him. When he introduced me to Zack he treated me like I was his best friend. I think anyone who knew him was treated like a best friend. He was always smiling, and it was a sincere smile. I hate that this has happened to sucg a great guy, it's just horrible.

        Bye my friend.


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          RIP Josh

          My heart goes out to everyone who was closer to Josh than I had the opportunity to be. Just knowing him from con and parties and through mutual friends leaves this terrible emptiness. I can't imagine the grief his family and close friends are feeling right now and my condolences go out to them for their untimely loss.

          Josh was one of the small group of people that I considered "OG". When I think back to when I built my first computer and started to learn more about "hacking" his was one of the nyms of legend that inspired me. I remember being totally starstruck when I found out that Josh == Pac-Bell...

          Prankster, partier, mischief maker, grin generator; he was all of these things. He was also brilliant, competant and well respected. He was one of the old guard that made the term "hacker" a respectable one and whose legitimate work in the computer industry opened doors for others and allowed a "computer security industry" to happen in the private sector.

          He will be missed.
          That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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            what news there is...

            courtnee just got off the phone with the reporter, brian bullock, for the curry pilot who is covering the accident.

            [02:52PM] <courtnee> Brian just got off the phone with sherrif mitcalf, the deal is,
            they need a dive team with offshore and recovery experience. The closest team is in
            Clamet falls, they're packing up their gear and heading out. The dive won't be
            possibly until Saturday morning
            [02:52PM] <courtnee> So far, they haven't found any wreckage
            [02:52PM] <courtnee> Jsut an oil slick that the CSP noticed when flying over the area
            they found MAria at, and GSP readings of the ocean floor
            [02:53PM] <courtnee> has a few other stories, but don't expect any more
            coverage until next tuesday, these small publications only publish from Tues-Thur

            (edit: courtnee probably means klamath falls, or)

            so far there is no information about why the accident occurred or when any service would take place.

            [04:21PM] <courtnee> More info: Dive is scheduled for 8:30am Saturday, their priority is
            finding Josh. Apparently the plane recovery is another matter that will need to be
            private, through the family, or through NTSB. The diving effort is going to be run
            through the Brookings Station, though the coast guard is supplying the dive

            the guy primarily in charge of the memorial website, skully, is en route from redmond to sacramento through crescent city. he should be in crescent city this evening and will stay overnight. he will try to collect more information and will update the website. josh's roommate is on a contract in iowa, but will be augmenting skully's attempts to keep the website up to date as he is able. josh's father and sister went up to crescent city yesterday, but it's not clear whether they are still there.
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              Memorial Service


              Memorial services for Josh Cohen will be held Sunday, March 6th at 11:00am at Temple Or Rishon located at:
              7775 Hazel Ave
              Orangevale, CA 95662

              According to the Daily Triplicate, the search for Josh has been called off. We're sorting some stuff out for Josh's friends after the service. Let me (or someone else in 916) know if you're coming in.

              Many of us wanted him to be with his plane... found or not found. It was comforting to imagine him in his plane. This doesn't seem real...