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    I chose to fork this from the original post in the original thread and store it in /dev/null because it does not belong in that thread, but may have a marginal level of amusement for forum members.

    Originally posted by alklloyd
    The only time that would make sense is in sms messaging (when you have a character limit). Here, you don't.
    Unless apache was compiled with export CFLAGS="-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE"
    The maximum filesize would be 2GB for serving and would likely be the effective limit for a post since exceeding 2GB causes file permissions to get corrupted and make apache fail on stat. (Assuming posts are not stored in a DB.)

    However, there are limits in php that would likely be encountered before 2GB was hit:

    Then there is the post_max_size variable which can be encountered before the timeout is encountered, and that is usually 2,4,6, or 8MB on default installs, but base64 encoding and overhead can alter this maximum for a post.

    Then there is upload_max_filesize which is probably not an issue for a post, but could be elsewhere in these forums like attachment transfers.

    There is a timeout value for php (30 or 60 seconds by default) where by which failure to complete a transfer within that limit causes a failure in php. This causes the size of a post to be limited by how long it takes to upload from the poster's link. Assuming 56k modem without compression and ignoring base64 encoding issues plus overhead, that is about 5kB of post data per second (after subtracting overhead from layers < 7) and 60 seconds would be about 300kBytes limit per post. (Note: this also means a person on 56K is probably limited to about 300kB of postings when reading too... depending on how the posting listing is implemented.

    I can tell you, I have not found the limit yet. ;-)

    Why post this? I have dealt with problems associated with all of the above where I work, and if this can save someone else the time I spent working on these, then it is worth it.

    [added links]
    10,000 word limit as default for vBulletin
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